The hill of huts

It beckoned from afar
when I stepped ashore
in the brightness
of the spring sun

I trod its slopes
the time before
affording me
a view beyond compare

The hill of huts
now sunken
into moorland mire
looking far and wide

Snowy mountains north
and east
rolling hills
away to the south

It afforded me
a closer view
of a friendship
beyond compare

Worthy of a prize
written and sung
I'll come back
below the hill

Can I wait

Can I wait
I'll have to
until our eyes meet
below the hill

Can I wait
not so easy
as the sun smiles
between the rain

Can I wait
only just
until your hair
blows around my face

Can I wait
well, I'll manage
the lighthouses wink
not one, but two

Can I wait
one day at a time
until our cheeks
brush together

Can I wait
till I come down the road
and take you
in my arms

I can wait
for what is good
for what is ours
for what we'll share

Bewitch me

Bewitch me
from afar
in the sunlight

Enchant me
in the low
angled light
of the golden sunset

Lure me
as light fades
and only your outline
can be seen

Tug me
by the heart strings
as you walk
on the machair

Draw me
with the low tones
of your alto voice
wrapping me in enchantment

Take me
away and
let me drown
in your eyes

Watch for me

Watch for me
from beyond the sea
round the coast
I'll come

Watch for me
in the long light
of the spring evening
I'll come

Watch for me
below the hills
above the machair
I'll come

Watch for me
the promise stands
and it will be true
I'll come


The wind blew me away
as did your eyes
as we met
across a crowded room

The Westside Warbler
singing its luring call
amongst the artisans
of music in the south

After darkness fell
our eyes had to part
we'll meet again
in the beams of the two lighthouses

Old friend

An old friend returned last night
tapping lightly
on the northern window
obscuring the view

In its absence
fire reigned free
swept along on
the dreaded east wind

Softly stroking my face
as I glanced heavenward
the thirst of spring

The thirst for spring
from these parched islands
the call answered
as the rain danced