Lengthening days

The day widens
in the land of trees
the bare branches smile
in the lengthening rays

The days broadens
in the far northwest
the lighthouse beckons
from the ancient rocks

Snow blankets still
the land of trees
frost paints
the expectant branches

Wind sweeps
in the ancient isles
clouds past the
ascending sun

Winter still holds
its firmest grip
yet the promise is there
for the coming spring

Melting snow

As the snow melts
from the land of trees
the Atlantic reaches
from beyond the shores

A reminder from far away
where winter
holds little
if any sway

Where the wind will blow
and the rain fall
where the low sun shines
for but few hours each day

The lighthouse winks
at those returning
and those departing
from near and far

The land of trees
holds memories
and I shall bide
a little while longer

Iolaire 1919-2016

Another day dawns
into another year
Glancing up northwest
where the memories abide

Headed home
that fateful morn
hopes dashed
on the Beasts at Holm

Nigh on a century gone
The memories raw
The teapot stands
where it stood in '19

Awaiting those
who would never return
from the depths
out at sea

From far away
my mind's eye beholds
the tower on the hill
overlooking the old town

We remember forever
those gone on ahead
in the service of their country
they gave up their all