Leap year day

Rain rattles the windows
Wind sweeps the waves
The year is a leaping
February twenty-ninth

Spring is at the gate
Winter blows hard
March nearly upon us
But it will not be kind

White hills

Darkness falls
The thin moon
rides high above
the distant white hills

Darkness has fallen
A long road ahead
The only light
are the distant stars

Darkness not total
the white hills shimmer
under the new moon
on the far off horizon

An easterly breeze
with the bite of frost
the uncaring stars
twinkle way overhead

The way ahead
away from remaining light
towards far off morning
beyond the distant white hills

Nocturnal party

It's dark
nobody can see
bring in the clouds
keep in the warmth

The wind shepherds
the rain flies
in the lamplight

At the midnight hour
the wind
roars in the chimney
hows in every crack

The rain douses
once more
on the windows

Dawn is breaking
Down you go wind
Away you go rain

It's light
all can see
the clouds are high
the wind has gone


The wind was drawing lines
of streaming white
whistling at its work
at speed

The rain followed the ground
horizontally to the east
at breakneck

The sea rose up
high if not phenomenal
against the ancient rock

On the far western edge
we're on the frontline
where winter battles
for supremacy