Late October

The clocks walk back
but time marches on
we may fool ourselves
with that one hour

The first hailstones
clattered their warning
of winter not far away
Samhainn is nigh

Summer has closed
autumn progresses
the witches' hour
will close October

As we remember
those gone on ahead
when November comes in
which Samhainn marks

The dark half-year
as we anticipate
the festivities of light

Another solstice
the longest night
as 2015 closes


Austere black letters
on a dark grey stone
in a leaf covered lane
alongside others long gone

From where river
and sea meet
to the sandy soil
of the east

Where work went
you went
did not yet exist

Hiding from the oppressor
who sought to take
what was not rightfully his
for five long years

Roads and bridges meet,
are part of the one system,
and in the river country
two met 60 years ago

We three resulted
as the generations march on
fading into decades
and beyond centuries

Austere black letters
on a dark grey stone
mark for remembrance
whom we won't forget

National Poetry Day

As clouds sweep by
painting the blue
that is the canvas
of the sky

Branches sway
leaving leaves to tremble
as they prepare
for their final fall

The sea is restless
its incessant motion
ruffling the waves
in the endless wind

Autumn is digging in
for the short haul
some two months more
and it's solstice time again