Hiort - 1

the moon shines
from its occultation

Like a crescent
the sandy bay
lies circled
by tallest cliffs

Like a frond of lace
the surf laps ashore
None remain where
the Book opens at Exodus

Only the birds fly
the dark sheep roam
the military watch
far out there

Equinox 2015

As night and day
shake hands
this autumnal

The leaves tremble
as ocean winds
seek to tear them
off their tree

Long gone
are the light summer nights
long ahead
are the dark winter days

The starlings
in their murmurating millions
have flocked south
ahead of the stately goose

From the Pole
will now march
steadily south

Whether in golden sun
or screaming storms
autumn is here
as the year declines

Autumn falls

The barometer dips
a few millibars further
The sun dips
imperceptibly lower

A calmness descends
from the frenzy
and bustle
of summer

Clouds laze
at groundlevel
Or exceed the speedlimit
high high above

Leaves cutting
from the trees
they once fed

Birds gather
in huge flocks

The mercury
heads down
generally making for

Night conquers day
the moon rises higher
The aurora swings
its green curtains north

Orion begins
his march
the freezing sky

Autumn falls
like the leaves that drop
Winter looms
in the morning dark


Another eclipse
shines over southern ice
Another equinox
looms a week away

The wind rises
for an all night blow
The first of many
a winter's gale

Three hours down
morn and night
The day shorten
the night is now dark

The merry dancers
flick the northern sky
in place of the
midnight glim

As the mercury shivers
to the bottom of teens
As the wind buffets

Summer is leaving
It's been brief
Winter is looming
not long to go


Did you march
that summer's day
Did you sail
across the Channel

Were you among
those never
to have passed
beyond the lighthouse?

Did you answer
the call to duty
the irrefusable
appeal from the King

Was it the last time
you saw the hills
of your native island
sink behind the waves?

Did they find you,
were you among
the luckiest
of unlucky?

Were you not
one of those
lost in a field
now part of it

So many
left these shores
for another shore
never to return

The hundred years
passing slowly
the centenary
goes on

We remember them
Lost at sea or on land
lost in mind
We remember them


Slowly the night draws in
to meet the day
at the going out
of summer

A coolness tending
towards the chilly
colours creeping
into the leaves

The frantic rush of summer
calming down towards
the limpid calm
of an early autumn day

The sun moves west
reflecting brightly
in motionless

Windows on the west
at equinox time
Windows on the east
a September morn

The last midge bites
the first autumn storm
looms in the near future
Autumn is here


over the
darkening sea

The nunnery empty
on the distant isle
in the fast flowing channel

What is wind to us
becomes a storm
turn to shouts

The sanctuary
amidst old stone walls
stands strong
and will abide