Sunset window

The sun has set
on the sunset window
the chair stands empty
for the final time

Left behind
two years ago
now followed
those gone on ahead

A line has been drawn
under the ledger of life
the book is closed
Rest in peace.

Cnoc an Uan

Who of those
on Cnoc an Uan
that August day
would return

Who of those
would return
only in name
on Cnoc an Uan

A tower now rears
looking out to sea
over which they left
never to return

except in name
on a bronzen plaque
so many names

Who of those
on Cnoc an Uan
that November day
would not be remembered


Darkness falls
the lights light up
showing us the way

November darkens
as the solstice looms
with the howling wind
or reflective calm

Leaves flutter away
as the year's end approaches
with the light set to return
after the birth of Christ