56 years ago
two people joined forces
so that the three of us
could now be here

it is long ago now
since i sent that
now final

it is even longer ago
since i saw
them together
for the last time

one now rests
among the trees
now budding
as spring flourishes

it is not the slab
that i remember by
nor the sunflooded
glade in the trees

it is the years
that i remember by
love and support
in sunflooded days

Gress cemetery

Years have passed
by the sandy shore
in sheltered lee

Once more
the gate creaks shut
as more pass through
that come to remember

Names weathering
under colourful lichen
or blast of sand

Once well known
respected, august
long since lapsed
into the oblivion of time

Passing as quickly
as those
racing by
on the nearby road

Only the sea
quietly lapping
below the beach

Only the sea
never changing
will remember
until the end of time