The harsh winds
blow little rain
the endless waste

Moving ceaselessly
from south to north
sweeping away
all warmth

My glance is north
the road south is closed
the tide has turned
against me

Spring comes
on the late month
carrying no warmth

The sun may blaze
the flowers bloom
the trees turn green
young life erupt

But winter remains
in darkened corners
behind the mountain tops
where snow abides year round

My glance is north
the road south is closed
the east wind has carried
warmth away from the west

Wintry jibe

The north wind blows
the spring away
chasing summer
as far as it goes

The lambs shiver
as the hail clatters down
and snow flakes whirl
around their heads

The ferry takes flight
cowering in port
as the swell
comes thundering south

The Harris hills
have taken out
their white bonnets
and grimace across the miles

But not for long
will this wintry jibe last
the sun holds sway
for 17 hours each day

And will soon bring back
the joys of spring
and the fullness of summer
with gentle breezes from the south

Low mist

The mist lay low
over the sea
the littoral

The spring sun
slowly lifted
the cloud
off the waves

Until it
dissipated overland
in the sun's
warm rays

far out to sea
where cold waters
sustained it

Until the sun would set
allowing it
to flow back west
to shroud us once morel