The empty lands

This week's debate addressed the issue of the lands, left empty by the clearances. Should they be left empty, as a wilderness? Or used for new opportunities for development.

Like a finger
at the empty sky
a ruin in an empty land

Like a weeping
the rowan sighs
for those
who will never return

As years pass by
not uncounted
the memory remains

The laughs and tears
the rowan remembers
of those
who would return

The empty lands
a memorial, an opportunity
history’s blank page
will pass final judgment


As darkness fades
into the evening star
winter recedes
at long long last

The fires dim
the ashes dull
the northern horizon
lights up at night

For seven years now
For me
A shadow
lies across this day

Now only a lone marker
remains in the trees
near the other castle
two seas away

Into the night of winter
sadness has fled
leaving behind
the sunlight of memories

As the spring sun
paints the landscape green
reflecting blue skies
on the rippling waters

We remember those
gone on ahead
whilst not forgetting their last wish
For us to go forward