Calum Sgaire

Where the sea now runs fast
under the white narrow bridge
where a boat once plied
across the whirlpools

Was it there they were meant
to meet up forever
for a new life
across the distant sea?

Did the ship not wait
beyond the islands
Was the night too dark
or perhaps too light?

None can imagine
when an empty horizon
opened on a new day
that broke her heart

None can imagine
when a full ship
headed west
yet empty to him

Bjorn's northernmost isle
little and great
still sings the sadness
of Calum Sgaire


Speeding away
from the land of trees
receding into
a curtain of rain

Rising above
the blanket of cloud
heading into and
beyond a sunset

A snow shower
welcomed me
on making landfall
over the island

A winter sunrise
the lower sun
the white covering
Chi mi'n Geamhraidh


The leafless trees
are swept by curtains
of cold January rain
reflecting my reflective mood

The land of trees
stands still
rain spattering the branches
as I prepare my farewell

The browns of the winter-
heather on the uplands
The yellow of the encroaching
yet unwanted grass

will see me heading out
across two seas once more
towards the old isles

Change is afoot
out there the weather
is always changing
on the Atlantic fringe

From the land of trees

From the land of trees
my eye roves north
to the flat lands
encased in ice today

From the land of trees
my eye roves east
where winter growls
but will beat a retreat

From the land of trees
my eye glances south
across many rivers
searching the summer sun

From the land of trees
my eye looks west
seeking the sea
now far and distant

From the land of trees
my eye beholds the Hebrides
whose abiding allure
will pull me there again

New Year

As darkness falls
light yet spreads
from windows lit
by warmth within

As cold winds howl
and dark rains lash
the huddled houses
round the shore

Expectation grows
past the midnight hour
they're safe now
home soon

She bucked on the waves
guided by distant lights
obscured by spray whipped
by the winter gale

Her guidance awry
her crew seeing blind
her sailors powerless
to save her from certain doom

The light obscured
the prism darkened
the ancient reef
lay in her path

The rockets mistaken
the cries unheard
the waves took nearly all
on board

A cold morning broke
windless and calm
leaving them scattered
on eastern shores

When New Year comes
the island mourns
those promised to come
on the Iolaire

The lighthouse

It beckons me
from afar
beyond two seas
I can feel its call

For some days yet
I shall not see
from my nighttime window
the familiar light

For some days yet
I shall see
from my nighttime window
the familiar trees of old

The lighthouse of old
a beacon leading me home
from afar
from beyond two seas

In darkness of night
I dream of a light
Yet far out of sight
for some days to come