I know it well
that reef
standing proud
at low tide

Sheltering the bay
overlooked by the graveyard
overlooked by the lighthouse
well-marked for mariners

That night, 50 years ago
darkness hid the reef
from the eyes of the
boatman venturing forth

Into the teeth of a rising gale
which drove his craft
aground on the reef
within sight and sound

of those ashore who would
but could not help
The wind rose so high
The waves rose even higher

Rags ablaze signalled SOS
A ceaseless scream
awoke all around
but the boatman

He came ashore
his life left him in the sea
His companions still safe aboard
As tide, wind and waves fell

A beautiful morn
Sea twinkling innocently
But the wreck of the Maimie
Still high up on Sgeir Mhor

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