Red martyrdom

The warrior prince
with Divine imperative
sailed north in a hurry
out of sight of home

His acolytes joined him
and proceeded further
once he had settled
at the island of I

The Isle of the Notch
found a monastery
on its eastern shore
not to the liking of its ruler

The abbot was warned
upon leaving his master
Martyrdom awaits you
Its colour is red

The queen of the island
her wrath had no bounds
sent her corsairs
to finish the monks

Found at prayer
they requested a respite
until their submissions
had ended

Soon after
their lives had been ended
put to the sword
the queen was triumphant

Sailed over from Moidart
she came up to gloat
Intrigued by that glow
over the new-dug graves of the monks

She followed the light
unaware of its movement
up into the hills
and into the water

Loch nam Ban Mora
now holds her mortal remains
For fulfilling Columba's prediction
of Donnan's red martyrdom

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