The Sunken Cathedral

The grey waves undulate
across the sea
The light of day fades
into the west

Silence reigns
but hark
what's that sound
what's that glow

Listen out
a bell rings
where from
below the sea?

The light grows
the sound increases
until emerging from the deep
it stands before us

Lights blazing
from its many windows
Its bells pealing forth
in unmitigated joy

The Sunken Cathedral
in all its former glory
Risen from the waters
lapping at its door

But look east
a pencil strip of red
The cathedral starts
to fade

Its lights dim
the bells grow distant
as dawn approaches
the edifice recedes

Until nothing remains
above the waters
to remind us of what was
there not long ago

Listen carefully
as the sun rises
over the endless waters
A lone bell tolls

Far below the waves
Mourning the passing
of what once was
and is now

The Sunken Cathedral

[Inspired by Claude Debussy's tone poem "La Cathedral Engloutie"]

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