A sailor from the Great War

Do we know
who you are
that was found
along the shore?

Co leis thu
Who are you with
Where are you from
None now know

Many like you
the sea took
your identity

You were missed
you were found
but none
knew who you were

We know who you are
you were one of the brave
one of the six thousand
setting forth to war

From one of the hundred
townships in Leodhas
or perhaps old Steornabhagh
None now know

A bed waited for you
a warm embrace
from those waiting
to welcome you home

You never came
were you one of those
that was forever lost
to the arms of the sea?

A question unanswered
those that cared know
it could have been you
albeit unconfirmed

Their agony endures
as does that of the island
Iolaire will never die
The shadow of the eagle still looms

But a Promise was made
that the time will come
At the Breaking of the Day
when the Shadows flee away

When your name will be read
you will answer the Call
and proudly step forward
until then - Rest in Peace.

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