Slowly the night draws in
to meet the day
at the going out
of summer

A coolness tending
towards the chilly
colours creeping
into the leaves

The frantic rush of summer
calming down towards
the limpid calm
of an early autumn day

The sun moves west
reflecting brightly
in motionless

Windows on the west
at equinox time
Windows on the east
a September morn

The last midge bites
the first autumn storm
looms in the near future
Autumn is here


  1. Winter waits in the isle
    Almost like a bride,
    Shy and innocent,
    Autumn must pass.

  2. I have wandered like lost soul through your words looking for what I do not know.I search for the question not any answer. Your words were like a haven on the journey that is my home and I would welcome you as a friend at any port where you care to land. Evie waits to welcome it still does to greet me as a shy stranger.