Of trees and the sea (III)

I have lived here many years
before I crossed the sea
many miles I have walked
in amongst the trees

Sheltering me from cold winter winds
or from oppressive summer heat
an ever present presence
in the land of the trees

Marching endlessly on
in rows of starkly straight up boles
no leaves just now
only the pines are green

Dark and black
the branches spread
a blanket
of reassurance

Yellow and brown
the heathlands roll
to the edge of
the land of trees

Not long now though
before my ways wind me back
to the land of the winds and seas
beyond two seas no less

And when I'm there
at the shores of the island
the winds in the trees
what trees there are

Will carry the message from here
are you there
we're looking for you
just as the trees and the seas there

are calling me
are you there
we've been looking for you
for some time now

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