It's all perspective
political expediency
convenient blindness
and many hollow vessels

An old king dies
our flag sinks to half mast
his country exports something
erm, what was it, oh yes - - - oil

A despot dies
Oh he was a bad one
The PM hugged him close
out in that hot desert

A despot dies
Oh he was a tyrant
but he was OUR tyrant
until we strung him up

A dozen cartoonists died in Paris
The world leaders marched
upholding freedom of speech, their motto
Je suis - un charlatan

Thousands died in one African city
But its government doesn't want us to know
So nobody marches
saying I'm with Nigeria

Let's fuse those double standards
Let's ditch the self-serving interests
Let's practice what we preach
Let's be human to each other

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