November story - #15

Darkness was falling as the bus negotiated the narrow road. Houses disappeared into the dusk which crept west across the nearby sea. As the driver came to the end of the route, he had to turn his bus around at a junction. Ahead, the road carried on for a few hundred yards, before disappearing into the moorland beyond. Just as the bus was about to set off, a man on foot approached from the moorland track, waving frantically. "Call the police", he panted at the driver as he boarded the vehicle. "Call 999. I don't know what's been going on between here and Tolsta, but there are people hurt in the bothies". The driver had to proceed some distance in a northerly direction before his mobile got a signal. "Police are already in the area", he told his passenger. He pointed to his right, where blue flashing lights could be seen at Cealagbhal. One light sped south, then turned into the road where the bus was waiting.

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