November story - #17

What the walker had taken hours only took the helicopter a few minutes. The familiar shape of the red and white Coastguard chopper hugged the northeastern coastline of Lewis, leaving Tolsta behind. The cabin at Dibidil, the ruins at Filiscleitir and the cabins at Cuidhsiadar were all in view within moments. The craft touched down at Filiscleitir. Across the stream, beyond the bridge, a number of four-wheel drive vehicles were waiting. "The decoy in Port worked beautifully", the incident commander smirked. "They were fooled into a false sense of security, thinking they could complete their dirty work here". He gestured towards the remains of the chapel. "Good thing that eye witness got in touch with us when he did. We thought they were at Dibidil, but in fact, it was here, at Filiscleitir, that...". He broke off the sentence and his face clouded over. Several packets had been carried from behind the walls of the chapel. They had been identified as contraband, illicit drugs, shipped in a few nights before. The last packet did not match the others. The commander turned to the pilot, his face a picture of horror. "Take us to Dibidil", he said curtly. "Another lot could be over there".

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